Scorpio (Sun/Moon/Rising) JANUARY 2017 General Tarot Reading – Let It Die!

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Hello hello hello my dear Scorpios. My name is Dray and these are a few of the messages I got for y’all for January 2017. These are general so please check your sun, moon and rising as well! Happy new year, loves ❤️

What’s wrong, Scorpio? There’s an issue that’s weighing you down and I’m getting the feeling that you don’t want to open up to anyone about it. It’s ok to deal with things in your own time, but don’t shut yourself off to your loved ones around you. They’re eager to help you if you just let them in. Try to figure out which aspects of how you communicate to those around you needs to change. Don’t suffocate in misery just because of pride or spite. You deserve to be loved, too 💗

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Scorpio (Sun/Moon/Rising) JANUARY 2017 General Tarot Reading – Let It Die!

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