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What is a Psychic?

The word psychic has many different meanings depending on the person you ask. Some people envision a wise man or woman who can provide guidance. Others picture an entertainer that performs tricks on a stage. Even others envision something supernatural out of a science fiction movie. The truth is, there are elements of each in a psychic but they are certainly not fictional.


A Psychic is defined as a person who is sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences. This can include seeing things that others can not see through the use of their own senses. Not all psychics are created equal and each can have different skills and to varying degrees. Precognition, for example, is the ability to see or predict future events. Psychometry, on the other hand, allows one to divine things about a person through the use of an article of clothing or object that belongs to that person. This is seen often when a psychic is helping out a police department to find a missing person.


Clairvoyance is one of the most-known types of psychic abilities. Coming from the French for clear seeing, this involves information coming from an outside source that is hidden to the psychic. The key to this information to being psychic in nature is that there is no natural way for that information to be gleaned, otherwise, by the psychic. This information can be something from the past, the future, or even information that is in the present.


Dreams are another way that psychic abilities manifest themselves. In this manner, information from the future presents itself in a creative way. This information, though, often is not direct and the dreams must be interpreted to properly understand what information can be given. Many people, even those who do not claim to be psychic, have reported a dream that has later come true.


Intuition, like psychic dreams, is another way that these types of abilities show up in our daily lives, whether or not we claim to be psychic. Have you ever had a gut feeling that came true? A strange feeling that made you take an action or avoid an action without any logical reason for making that decision? Then, later on, it proved to be the proper decision as if you had all the facts beforehand? This is intuition and manifests itself often in our daily lives. Psychics have the ability to focus and tune in to this ability and make it a regular part of their life and, accordingly, make it happen more often because of this focus.

Most psychics agree that we all have some psychic ability, and that this ability can be developed by training, just like playing the violin or sculpting. Many people, when asked, report having some type of experience that they can not explain through normal sensory perception. Have you ever, out of the blue, thought about a person and then a few seconds later the phone rings, only to find that person on the other line? Have you ever suddenly felt bad or sick, and later on found out that around the time you felt bad, someone you know was injured or had a bad experience such as being fired from their job? How about that time you randomly decided to stop at a store you don’t usually go to, or take a different route while walking your dog and run in to an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years? All of these are manifestations of psychic abilities that reside in all of us. They come out in the form of small feelings or emotions that give us a nudge in one direction or another. Usually, we write these off to coincidence but by focusing and concentrating on these events, their frequency will increase. Psychics also suggest being receptive to these feelings to help fine tune our own personal psychic abilities.

There are many things that happen in our daily lives that we can not explain. It is easy to discount these seemingly random events, but through focus and concentration as well as through the interpretation by those who have developed their psychic skills, we can make these events more frequent and more meaningful in our lives.