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    Online Psychic Readings?

    Why do we look for a psychic reading and what do we expect? What makes us think there is more to life than what we can measure with our 5 senses? Is there really more to know?

    The answer is yes there is always more to learn and know. Our curiosity and interest in that unknown bit of information has been with us since we were children and seeking is part of the life experience.

    Interestingly enough though for most of us the more we know and understand about the mysteries of life the more we realize just how little we really do know and understand about life. Only a foolish person will allow themselves to believe they know everything there is to know about life.

    Why I remember reading a book written in the late 1800′s that was dedicated to the youth of the day who believed that everything great had already either been done or invented so why bother getting excited and try accomplish anything dramatic with their lives.

    “Do not despair” the book said “There is still opportunity for greatness and accomplishment for those who will step up and make an honest effort”. Can you imagine that? People it seems have a knack for leading themselves to the conclusion that they somehow just missed the boat. When in reality they could be the one person to invent the next big the airplane that flew over the boat and arrived faster. Get it? Yes I know you did!

    Have you ever had the feeling that someone was in trouble and called them to see if they were alright and found out that in fact something did happen? Did they ask how did you know? Have you ever thought about someone and had the phone ring and it was them? How did you know?

    There are many good books that can help show you how to determine if you do indeed have psychic abilities. Also how to develop and nurture your psychic ability.

    Like most things beyond the 5 senses you will know when you know if you found the right books and the same will apply to any psychics you seek out for a reading. If it feels right you will know it and if it does not feel right you will know immediately just follow your instincts.

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