HOUSE NUMBER VIBRATION- The Meaning Behind Your Number!

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House#1 2:52 House#2 3:37 House#3 4:07 House#4 4:45 House#5 5:20 House#6 6:05 House#7 6:40 House#8 7:17 House#9 7:57

Hi there! I’m Alexe Lucky , your Astrologer. I combine my passion of Astrology with personal Coaching to help you align yourself to your highest potential and assisting you in the energies of the planets that are impacting you in the present moment. I created this channel to help people understand themselves better in a deeper way, by the use of astrology, numerology and many self-help techniques I have learned and applied throughout my spiritual journey. I am dedicated to helping people find true happiness within themselves and in their life. I also offer personal consultations and simple tips that will improve your quality of life and completely transform your outlook.




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HOUSE NUMBER VIBRATION- The Meaning Behind Your Number!

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